Global Bio-Resonance Therapy

Through binary questioning using Lecher’s Antenna, « Global Bio-Resonance Therapy » seeks to see and hear an individual in their vibrational and physical wholeness in order to treat and establish:

The unification of the four bodies:


  • Anxiety

  • Non expression of emotions or disconnection of feeling

  • Depression

  • Traumatism

  • Sadness

  • Relational difficulties

  • Preparation for birth

  • Preparation for end of Life


  • Know oneself

  • Who am I, how and why am I as I am ?

  • Construct or reconnect with self confidence, self acceptance, and optimism

  • Preparation for birth and end of Life

  • Stress and sleep management

  • Alimentary disorder

  • Preparation for exams

  • Amelioration of concentration and memory


  • Nervous system tension

  • Errant pain : osteo-tendino-muscular

  • Ponctual or chronic physical or physiological problems

  • Allergy

  • Troubles of the digestive and elimination systems

  • Preparation for natural conception or by IVF

  • Alignment and vivification of the twelve chakras

  • Elevation of the vibratory level of the energy body and of state of conciousness


Deep physical and mental repose


Harmonization of the energy circulation of home and office


Physiological problems after birth, at pre-menopause and menopause.

Weight problems, water retention, cellulite.

Acne, tired skin and hair.

Global Bio-Resonance Therapy is a means of preventive healthcare complimentary to all allopathic therapies and treatments. It is applicable at any age. Everything in Life, and every event experienced during one’s lifetime, can be resumed down to a vibration. These vibrations mark the life of an individual. They can generate residual energy’s that block or deactivate a circuit or meridian, or circulate in a chakra(vital energy center), influencing and destabilizing the health of the four bodies : emotional, psychological, or etheric-physical. To bring an individual back to a state of health and well-being, the bio-energetician harmonizes and unifies the vital energy.

The prevention and amelioration of a person’s state of health passes by the comprehension of the vibratory causal effect, corrected and treated by :

  • The vibratory effacement of reactions and barriers created in infancy, adolescence, and adulthood
  • Acupuncture of five point circuits or meridians by Lecher’s antenna or by electric stimulation. No needles !
  • Essential oils, and flower elixirs from the entire world.
  • Minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins.
  • Herbology, and the Acmos-elements
  • Homeopathy : psychological, hormonal, and general.
  • Chromo-diagnostic
  • Chromo-crystal