Reflecting upon my life and personal experience regarding health issues has left me with these questions.:

I chose to research and learn different validated methods which brought together create an effective therapy that truely intervenes on the vibrational level thus allowing for the effacement, or harmonization of the perturbing residual energy. I first became interested in Litho-therapy which is the imposition on the body of crystals. These crystals emit vibrations and their qualities of transceiver-receiver-stimulator regulates and harmonizes a person’s vital energy which in turn strengthens the physical body. Through the years this practice has evolved into the exclusive use of rock crystal, and led me to the creation of the Chromo-crystal in 2001. I wished to complete this method with a technique that allows a more accurate diagnosis of these vibrational disorders which can cause health issues. I orientated my research towards the nature of these energies ; their vibratory rates, and their ability to organize, and influence the balance between the four bodies.

I then learned a method of bio-energy which is based on the use of Lecher’s antenna and the principles of Chinese medicine in the formation and scientific research center ACMOS (Analysis of Compatibilty of Matter on an Organism and their Synergy) created by Dr. Rene Naccachian, doctor in molecular biology (PhD). The diagnosis established through the use of Lecher’s antenna and binary questioning allows me to determine the diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Desiring to make G.B.R.T. ever more global in it’s approach to complimentary healthcare, I had the singular chance to meet and work with for four years the exceptional and reknowned osteopath Mr. José JM. Puren (D.O. MROF). Mr. Puren chose to instruct and directly  transfer to me his knowledge on the vibratory research and effacement of psycho-emotional and physical reactions and barriers created in life from infancy through adulthood. The final phase in the creation of G.B.R.T. was learning the Theory of Five Point Circuits in acupuncture, and then integrating the fabulous PBA method (Psycho-Bio Accupressure) of Dr. Pierre-Noel Delatte (MD).

My work then naturally led me to the more subtle energies of the etheric body. These high energies contain our personal history past and present. The practical implementation of these methods has allowed me to understand my history, from the most obvious to the most unconscious. Later, I was able to perform the same experiment on friends and family who were kind enough to volunteer. Indeed, through binary questioning with Lechers antenna I was able to analyze the vital energies in depth, reaching, ideally, the understanding of the origin of the imbalance of these energies. Understanding the causes of these imbalances and how they impact one's health, is the starting point towards healing. I have baptized the synthesis of these different approaches to healthcare, ‘Global Bio-Resonance Therapy’ (G.B.R.T.), a method of preventive and corrective healthcare. This synthesis is the fruit of my research and practice of more than 20 years.